Eclipse Alarm Base Unit

Replacement or additional wireless alarm base unit for the DRI Sleeper eclipse.

This will need to be paired with the orange sensor (Urosensor) before use:

View instructions for pairing

Customer Reviews

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Aaron P. (Western Australia, Australia)

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor

Jade T. (Otago, New Zealand)
An incredible change

We bought the wireless alarm for our daughter who is 7.5yrs old. She has never had a dry night and was starting to get embarrassed about having to wear a Drynite at sleepovers. She is a very deep sleeper and even when she is wet she doesn't wake up. We started using this 7 weeks ago and just inserted the alarm in a Drynite. We did the prep each evening for the first 3 weeks (practicing what happens when the alarm goes off). After about a week we went from having the alarm go off twice a night to just once a night. The alarm has never woke her so I would go in and get her up. Now we are 7 weeks in and she is currently on her 9th dry night in a row which is amazing. It has made such a difference and although we are still working on it, there has been an incredible change to all of us. Thank you

Congrats! Good progress is being made :)

ROCÍO B. (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Worked as stated. Reliable and comfortable. Had to be a bit creative to insert it into my daughter’s pants, but overall excellent product.

Thanks for the review! Good luck..

Rebecca M. (Alberta, Canada)
Great customer service

We had a few issues with the alarm at first. The first few days it was good, then nothing. A rep got in touch with ME to follow up on how things were going. She walked me through some steps and we were able to get it up and running again. Awesome service.

So glad we were able to help! Thanks for the review.

Danica S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Highly recommended

My stepdaughter is over a month without any accidents! She stopped having accidents about a week of consistent use of the sleeper alarm, and we discontinued use after 14 days and still no accidents! She’s almost 7 and we tried everything before this and nothing worked, highly recommend this product!

That is great news! Well done to you both. All the best for the future.

Azure B. (Alberta, Canada)
Worked in the first week!

My daughter is 11 and was still wearing pull-ups till this alarm. She would be wet 6/7 nights. She couldn’t do sleepovers just in case she wet the bed. Kids these days are soo mean and at this age. I have tried water before bed, get up in the middle of the night, plastic sheets...thought maybe is was a constipation issue and made sure she was regular....did a sleep study. We tried everything. Paediatrician suggested we get this alarm. One week using it and has been dry since! We are on week 4. My kid is happy and I’m happy for her. She has more confidence now. Worth the money!!

Good news! We are so pleased she is free of bed wetting so quickly. This must be a huge relief for you both. All the best for the future :)

Jason B. (New South Wales, Australia)

Eclipse Special Package with Parental Monitor

Nic B. (South Australia, Australia)

Eclipse, Brolly Sheet and Book Special Offer

Karrobe (England, United Kingdom)
Great Alarm

Really pleased with this. Daughter (5) got the hang of it in about two and a half weeks. The fact that the alarm can be out inside a sanitary pad or nappy saved lots of wet sheets!

Kathryn M. (Ontario, Canada)
Really great

The DRI sleeper bedwetting alarm has been really effective. I avoid most technology and try to stick to classic ways of doing things. But we had tried everything to try to train our son to prevent accidents at night and teach him to get up during the night if needed and it honestly felt like it was getting worse. A friend recommended this system, and it is really effective. As soon as he starts to wet the bed, it wakes him and associates the feeling of the need to pee with waking up to go to the washroom. He improved immediately and very quickly he turned from a complete zombie who would be asleep when I woke him to pee to sleeping through the night and waking on his own whenever he needed to. The first time he woke up on his own I couldn’t believe it, and then it was very quickly consistent and no accidents! I would highly recommend this product.

Very pleased it worked quickly for your Son. All the best for the future.